Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Developing Brain: What It Means for Treating Adolescents

On May 10, 2012 as part of National Children's Mental Health Awareness, NIMH sponsored a videocast panel of children's mental health researchers to discuss neuroscience research findings related to teen brain development, cognition and emotional and behavioral growth, and treatment for teens.

Panelists for the event were Anne Marie Albano, Ph.D., of Columbia University; Jay Giedd, M.D. of NIMH; and Jason Mathison, PsyD, MA, from Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland. The panel was moderated by Christopher Sarampote, Ph.D.

Guest panelist online for Developing Minds in Science (and not affiliated with the NIH panel or organizers) wass LaDonna Coy, M.A., consultant and specialist in social media and prevention.