Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's on Your Mind?

Here is where we start a dialogue about the brain. What is this amazing seat of consciousness, learning, motor control, and just about everything else in humans? How do we study it, harness its impulses, apply our amazing gift for good?

How about appreciating what science is beginning to understand in terms of what centers of this 3.5 pound organ control in our bodies? And what implications does that have for understanding human functioning and behavior? How do we learn, what role does memory play, and is there such a thing as objective reality, or is every interpretation colored inside our minds by our own experiences?

Free will - do we possess this quality? And what facility allows our brains to determine what is the best choice in any given situation, for us as individuals, and members of society? Do we agree on moral and ethical boundaries?

How about stepping back to ask the question, Who, or what, had the intellect, knowledge and creativity to create this creation?

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